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When your business invest in one Savings Card you will be providing your business with a valuable free digital advertising service. and other successful businesses believe in the gift of giving to help others. We know and understand that businesses success comes from giving, helping and treating others as you would want to be treated. When is the last time your business gave back to your community? Now is a great time to celebrate the gift of giving back to your community by participating in Gives Back that promotes community goodwill for all participating businesses.

How Gives Back Works Gives Back is a powerful Goodwill Advertising Campaign for businesses listed on Gives Back can help keep your business in front of consumers using Digital Advertising. donates Free Savings Cards to nonprofit organizations register with each month thru Gives Back.

Free Business Advertising Benefit

Advertise your business FREE in your Local Areas with Digital Advertising. is proud to announce the launch of Digital Advertising and Gives Back. Digital Advertising help businesses reach thousands of consumers in there local areas with affordable Internet and local community advertising on a regular basis. You can introduce new prospects to your business, keep your present customers seeing your business promotional offers and save advertising dollars using Digital Advertising along with Promotions. specializes in advertising and promoting businesses with Savings Card and Special Promotions. Consumers can interact with businesses ad listings on using Savings Card which drives consumers to ad listings on

Get your ad message across in a unique and memorable way with Digital Advertising and Gives Back

Why advertise and promote your Business in your local area nationwide and worldwide with Digital Advertising. When your business becomes a Savings Card Advertiser and supporter of Gives Back, thousands of your local area consumers will have access to your business ad listing 24-7-365 using Digital Advertising and

Consider the following facts: 9 out of 10 consumers uses the Internet to find products and services. Of these, 86% follow up with a phone call or visit. With more than 2 billion searches every month, this translates into a huge opportunity to attract new prospects through the Internet using Digital Advertising and That is why a growing number of small businesses just like yours are investing in their online present. is for helping small businesses grow by interacting with local consumers.

Ask yourself are people finding me easily online

You could be missing out on reaching prospects at the most critical stage of the buying and information seeking cycle – when they’re comparing products and services to choose a business. Don’t assume having a website is enough to succeed online. With many of your competitors already promoting themselves online you need to make sure your business is effective on the Internet. The good news is promoting your business card, ad listing and promotion offers online can expand your customer, client and patience base with Digital Advertising. Investing in your online marketing you can attract new prospects and maintain your present customers. Digital Advertising can help reduce your overall online advertising budget.

Consumers always want to save money purchasing products and services. People from all walks of life will use discount savings offers and free offers when available.

When a consumer needs what the business is offering whether it’s at the present time or in the future the business advertising information would be available using Digital Advertising and One of the best things about advertising and promoting your business with Digital Advertising and you can reach local consumers whom may have never come in contact with your business. Remember, consumers having access to your ad listing, free offers, money saving offers and special offer 24-7-365 can make all the different in getting a new customer, client or patience. Digital Advertising and is an effective yet affordable free way to drive targeted prospects who are looking for what your business is offering. No special design or art work is needed to produce the promotion offer listings. Consumers can save Time and Money using from not needing to cut out coupons, finding coupons, ink and paper for printing coupons. Consumers just show their Savings Card to the business to receive the advertise offers. is also mobile friendly. Digital Advertising is for Getting Consumers:

1. To visit businesses ad listings on

2. To contact businesses

3. To visit listed businesses websites

4. To see advertise promotion offers on a regular basis

5. To interact with business ad listings

Benefits of Digital Advertising

1. Businesses will receive one ad listing on which includes advertising your business card, pictures, information details about your business and promotional offers. The choice to upload a business card is up to the business.

2. There are three line spaces in each Ad Listing to advertise free offers, money saving offers and one special offer. The business special offer do not need Savings Card to receive the special advertise offer.

3. Each Ad Listing provides line spaces for social link information such as:,,, Google Plus and

4. If any of Ad Listing Line Spaces are not used they will not be seen in the ad listing.

5. All Ad Listings are index by category, city and state making Ad Listing easy for the consumer to find and use.

6. Businesses can select up to two categories for their Ad Listing.

7. Businesses ad listing can be shared with over 200 social media websites accessible from their Ad Listing.

8. Visitors to the business Ad Listing will have the option to contact the business directly from the ad listing. The business will receive a contact email notice sent to their Advertiser’s Account so only the intended advertiser will see the email.

9. Each Business has the option of uploading up to 3 pictures and 1 business card or 4 pictures to their Ad Listing. Uploading a business card is not required. The choice is up to the business.

10. There are easy to follow instructions to start Digital Advertising and Ad Listing.

11. Businesses can make changes to their Ad Listing easily and at anytime. Your Ad Listing can immediately be seen on the Internet.

There will be thousands of Savings Cards sold and Given-A-Way in your area is promoted by Savings Card • Local Area Community Promotion Campaign Events • Social Media Websites • Search Engines • News Releases • Internet Ad Banners and Gives Back Campaigns.

Advertising your business on is like passing your business card, ad listing, advertising offers to thousands of local people in your area steadily. Digital Advertising and Savings Card does most of the promoting and advertising work for you.

Advertising Business Promotion Offers

Consumers appreciate businesses providing special offers, money savings offers and free offers. Promoting a special offer, money savings offer or free offer using is easy when your business uses easy to remember advertising codes such as SPECIAL BUY, 5678 or FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE BUY. When your business offer consumers a 10% – 50% or buy one get one free, buy one get one 10% – 50% off, free consultation, free service call with repair or any money savings offer or free offer using and honor your offers can help make consumers happy with your business. The choice of the advertising offers is up to the business. All advertise offers should save the consumer money or provide something free. Examples of offers your business can use “Click Here”

Businesses listed on website are asked to provide consumers with a discount savings, free offer or special offer in their ad listing. Digital Advertising is for helping businesses grow, reach out to new consumers and maintain present customers. Digital Advertising is valuable for businesses to use.

When your business becomes a Savings Card Advertiser your business will be supporting Gives Back and helping nonprofit organizations receive free Savings Cards from The goodwill and acknowledgment your business can receive by being listed on can be a rewarding goodwill promotion for your business. Savings Card Front Savings Card Back

Why there’s a huge demand for Savings Card? The money saving benefits the savings card offers. Consumers Saves Money with Savings Card and it makes a great gift that will be remember for a long time. Savings Card Benefits:

• Consumers can save money using Savings Card. The average money savings using Savings Card is about 10% to 50%.

• The user can receive ongoing saving after saving and use after use with Savings Card.

• Savings Card is good for up to 24 months sometimes longer.

• New Businesses are added regularly to Website each month. Advertising is free with Savings Card Purchase.

• Savings Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card.

• It’s easy to use Savings Card. Users just show the savings card to advertising business merchants listed on the back of Savings Card and on Website.

• Good for the community and environment.

• Savings Card can be used nationwide. Savings Card Sales Help Support Nonprofit Organizations Offering The Following Services and Causes:

• Humanitarian Causes – Homeless, Hunger, Outreach Ministries, Church Choirs, Gospel Singing Groups and Music Groups

• Innocent Victims – Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence

• Disabled Victims and Military Veterans

• Youth Programs – Youth Sports and Mentoring Programs

• General Giving Fund – Helping Individuals and Families thru Challenging Circumstances

Your business will receive Digital Advertising for 12 Months (1 Year) a $125 Value Free with purchase of a $20 Savings Card. offers a service to setup your Digital Advertising on Website. Why is giving free digital advertising away? We know and understand we have a growing company and need the trust of other businesses to succeed and continual to grow. We believe when we help businesses grow we are helping ourselves grow by building a bridge to success with each business.

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