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Your business ad listing will be advertised and promoted for 24 months or more. Ad Listing Service is a way your business can earn more income and help people save money when purchasing products and services in their local area and nationwide.

How Ad Listing Service Works

Your business ad listing will be advertised and promoted on for 24 months or more. is a digital advertising website providing a effective way to advertise, promote and get prospect leads of people who are looking for what your business ad listing is offering including information about your business. No special design or art work is needed to produce your Seekwave Business Ad Listing. People can save time and money using from not needing to cut out coupon offers, ink and paper for printing coupons and offers. People just show the business ad listing promotion using their cell phone.

Your business ad listing can reach thousands of consumers in your local areas thru Your business ad listing can have the advertising power of thousands of users in your area visiting your business ad listing. is promoted by: Local Area Free Community Newsletters we email to our list Savings Card Local Area Community Events were we give free Savings Cards away Social Media Websites Search Engines News Releases Internet Ad Banners Special Local Promotions Faith Base Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations.

• website is mobile friendly for cell phone users.

Each Business Ad Listing provides line spaces for social links information such as: and

If any of the business ad listing line spaces are not filled in, the empty line spaces will not be shown on the business ad listing.

Your business ad listing will be index by category, city and state making it easy for consumers to find and use. If a business does not see the index category they want their business ad listing listed under, Seekwave Promotions can add the index category to Website for the business. Just let us know by email what category is wanted.

Each advertiser selects an index category for their business ad listing.

Visitors to the business ad listing will have the option to contact the business advertiser directly from the business ad listing. The business advertiser will receive a contact email notice sent to their email address so only the intended business advertiser will see the email.

There are easy to follow instructions to start the business ad listing promotion. Seekwave Promotions Management Team is available if needed to assist advertisers in uploading their business ad listing promotion. Advertisers can contact Seekwave Promotions thru email for assistance.

Advertisers can make changes to their business ad listing easily and at any time to offer a new advertising promotion. Your business ad listing can be seen on the Internet immediately after your business ad listing investment is made.

Advertising and promoting your business using Digital Advertising is like passing your business ad listing to thousands of local people in your area steadily. website does most of the advertising and promoting work for the business ad listing promotion.

Get your business advertising message across to consumers in a unique way with When you invest in a Seekwave Business Ad Listing, thousands of your local area people will have access to your business ad listing promotion.

People always want to save money purchasing products and services. People from all walks of life will use deal offers when available. When a consumer needs what your business is offering whether it’s at the present time or in the future your ad listing information would be available on One of the best things about advertising and promoting on is you can reach local people whom may have never come in contact with your business ad listing. When people have access to your business ad listing on a regular basis can make all the different in getting a lead for a new consumer.

People Appreciate Businesses Providing Money Savings Offers

Promoting a money savings offer using is easy.

Examples of discount offers your business can use “Click Here” Savings Card is a discount card to help people save money when making purchases at listed businesses on the back of the savings card and Savings Card Front Savings Card Back

Why there’s a huge demand for Savings Card? The money saving benefits the savings card offers. People Saves Money with Savings Card and it makes a great gift that will be remember for a long time. Savings Card Benefits:

People save money using Savings Card. The average money savings using Savings Card is about 10% to 50%.

The user can receive ongoing saving after saving and use after use with Savings Card. Savings Card is good for up to 12 months sometimes longer.

New Businesses will be added regularly to Website each month. Savings Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card.

It’s easy to use Savings Card. Users just show the savings card to advertisers listed on the back of Savings Card and on Website.

Good for the community and environment. Savings Card can be used nationwide. Ad Listing Service for 24 month is $75 or 24 month with Category and Homepage Features is $100.

You can select more advertising and promotion days by selecting and clicking Seekwave Promotions automatically charge my account to renew my Ad Listing Service on “Select a Plan”.

Give your business a new marketing and promotion campaign with your business ad listing and support families that have loss a family member to COVID-19. Seekwave Promotions will provide business ad listing advertisers with step by step easy to use instructions and information to start their business ad listing promotion and our management team is available to assist you.

After your business has register for Ad Listing Service you will be able to make your business ad listing investment of $75 or $100. Your business ad listing promotion will go live on the Internet after your business ad listing investment is paid. If you need assistance in setting up your Ad Listing contact Seekwave Promotions using our contact us email form.

Seekwave Promotions will work with your business to have a successful Ad Listing Campaign and successful Seekwave eBook Store Internet Business.

Register For Ad Listing Service… “Click Here”

Please Note Ad Listing Service Investment Will Show As: Seekwave Promotions Inc. On Your Credit Card or Order Statement.


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