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Nonprofit Organizations can receive a Free PrestigeBay eBook Store & More $50 Account from to give-a-way free Gift Certificates redeemable for use on PrestigeBay eBook Store & More Website @

It’s FREE for Nonprofit Organizations to participate in Gives Back and receive a $50 free account. makes it easy for non-profit organizations to receive free $10 Gift Certificates each time sells a Savings Card. Once nonprofit organizations register with Gives Back the organizations will receive a Gives Back Organization ID Registration Number to receive free Gift Certificates.

How Gives Back Works? will donate a $10 Gift Certificate to PrestigeBay eBook Store & More to selected nonprofit organization accounts monthly for each sold Savings card. Gift Certificates are randomly given to organizations. Meaning your organization may receive Gift Certificates one month and another organization may receive Gift Certificates the next month. rotate giving the free Gift Certificates to organizations. The more Savings Card we sell thru and our affiliates, the more $10 Gift Certificate will be donated to organizations. The $10 Gift Certificates are added to the organization account. This can add up to hundredths of dollars in Gift Certificates donated to organizations monthly. goal is to give-a-way thousands of dollars worth of Gift Certificates monthly. Gives Back is supported by buyers of Savings Cards.

When your organization register with your organization can begin receiving free $10 Gift Certificates monthly. This can add up to be hundreds of gift certificate dollars for the nonprofit organization Account.

The organization can sell the Gift Certificates by asking for a $3 – $5 donation for each $10 certificate the organization sells. The organization can also give a way the gift certificates. The choice is up to the organization. The organization can deliver the Gift Certificate by email to the receiver. The organization can accumulate hundreds of dollars worth of $10 Gift Certificates in their Organization Account. We provide easy to follow directions to organizations on how to send Gift Certificates by email. Please Note: suggest that all gift certificates being sold for a donation or give-a-way be to adults 18 years of age or older.

Nonprofit Organizations can register for Gives Back by applying online with their request to participate in Gives Back. Its free to participate. The Seekwave Team will register nonprofit organizations whom wishes to participate in Gives Back once the nonprofit organization online registration form is received and approved by The Seekwave Team. Gives Back Nonprofit Organization Services Code List

• Humanitarian causes – Homeless/Hungry, Orphanages, quality water wells, ministries and world outreach and more CODE 735

• Disaster relief – locally or around the world CODE 730

• Innocent Victims – Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and more CODE 740

• Disabled Victims – to include Military Veterans, First Responders and Athletes CODE 733

• Youth Programs – At Risk Youth, Youth Sports, Recreation and After School Programs, Mentoring Programs, and more CODE 744

• Church Choirs, Gospel Singing Groups, Music Groups and more 777

• Animal Abuse – Humane Society and more CODE 725

• Breakthroughs in Health Research – Medical Research for Cures (Diabetes, Heart Health, Cancer, etc.) as well as Alternative Health Solutions CODE 784

• General Giving Fund – Helping Individuals and Families thru Challenging Circumstances CODE 739

Registering for Gives Back is FREE

Use our Apply Online Gives Back Registration Form and enter the nonprofit organization CODE reference number from the list above. Once your nonprofit organization has been accepted to participate in Gives Back a Nonprofit Organization ID Number will be sent by email to your organization. Your nonprofit organization name and basic information will be added to “ Nonprofit Directory For Helping People”. “Click Here To Register”

Have a question send an email… “Click Here”