Firefighters & Veterans Can Receive Free Savings Cards

Firefighters & Veterans Can Receive Free Savings Cards

Your Appreciation Day Consumers whom purchase Your Appreciation Day Consumers Package along with Businesses and Organizations listed on makes it easy for Firefighters & Veterans to receive free Savings Cards. Your Appreciation Day Consumers, Businesses and Organizations are donating free Savings Cards to firefighters & veterans.

How Does Your Appreciation Day Works?

The value of each Savings Card value is $25 free to Firefighters & Veterans thru consumers, businesses and organizations. Seekwave Promotions will provide a web page starting September 20, 2018 of locations where Firefighters & Veterans can pickup free Savings Cards while they are available. Firefighters & Veterans can contact businesses and organizations listed on after September 20, 2018 to see if they has any free Savings Cards available. Savings Card Front Savings Card Back Savings Card Benefits

• Consumers can save money using Savings Card. The average money savings using Savings Card is about 10% to 50%.

• The card user can receive ongoing saving after saving and use after use with Savings Card till savings card expire

• Savings Card is good for up to 24 months sometimes longer

• New Businesses are added regularly to Website each month

• Savings Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card

• It’s easy to use Savings Card the users just show the savings card to advertising business merchants listed on the back of Savings Card and on Website

• Good for the community and environment

• Savings Card can be used nationwide

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