Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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    Advertise your business or organization on a Seekwave Memorial Member Tribute Page on Seekwave Memorial eBookstore Website. The website is for remembering those who have pass away. This is a time for you to honor and remember the life of a family member, friend or loved one by advertising your business or organization. Advertising your business ad or business card size ad on a memorial tribute page is a great way to let families know you care about them. Seekwave Advertising Service Investment for 3 years is $125.00 per business ad or business card size ad listing banner. How it works you would email your business ad information to admin@seekwave.com using our Apply Online Form below or you can send your information to: Seekwave Promotions 3020 Prosperity Church Road Charlotte NC 28269.

    Advertising size is “width: 300px; height: 150px;” (see demo ad size below). After payment is receive Seekwave Promotions will set up your ad on the memorial member tribute page of your choice.

    Please send the memorial member tribute page name you want to advertise on and your advertisement words or business card.

    Demo Of Ad Banner Size Below


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    1 – Seekwave Advertising Service For 3 Years
    $125.00 On Memorial Member Tribute Page

    Please Note: Seekwave Advertising Service Will Show As Seekwave Promotions on PayPal.com or your monthly institution financial statement.


    Seekwave Advertising Service for your business card size ad listing on one of Seekwave Memorial Member Web Page. Please email your ad information today to: Seekwave.com/admin and used the Buy Now Button below. Each Seekwave Sponsor invest in Seekwave sponsorship and receive a free five (5) year ad listing promotion on Seekwave Business Directory. Seekwave Management Team is available to assist sponsors in setting up their ad listing. The advertising service is FREE with Seekwave Sponsorship.


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