Saturday, December 3, 2022

  • eBook Store Owner Agreement For Businesses And Organizations

    1. Our business or organization agree that through the use of this eBook Store Agreement we understand our business or organization will be responsible for our own business activities and not as an employee, agent, or franchisee of

    2. We understand and agree that in order for to maintain a viable marketing system, they may make modifications in procedures, the Compensation Plan, Commissions, Literature and Websites. Our business or organization further agree to be bound by such changes upon notification through official Literature or Emails.

    3. Our business or organization acknowledge that we are an Independent eBook Store Owner not an employee, officer, agent or of Policies, Procedures, Programs, and Presentation Materials. Any act deemed by to be detrimental to the company in any manner is grounds to terminate our eBook Store Owner Agreement.

    4. This eBook Store Owner Agreement is effective on the date we order and pay for our eBook Store Business. We understand that the acceptance of this eBook Store Owner Agreement does not constitute the sale of stocks, bonds, insurance or a franchise nor are we acquiring any interest in a security by the acceptance of this agreement. There is no guarantee made to the amount of money we can earn with a eBook Store Business.

    5. Our business or organization understand and agree that because of the nature of this eBook Store Owner Agreement, it may not be transferred or otherwise assigned without the prior written consent of

    6. Our business or organization will receive a one-year Free Register eBook Store Domain Name and Registration Number a $10 value. will register the eBook Store Domain Name and Registration Number for the eBook Store Business Owner. eBook Store Domain Name and Registration Number will be good for 12 months from the date of registration and can be renewed by eBook Store Business for additional years for $10 per year or the current renewal cost from the domain hosting company.

    7. eBook Store Owner invest $10 a year to have a register eBook Store Website Domain Name and Store Registration Number, $18 – $24 a year after free website hosting service end and $30 a year for Automated eBook Store Website Maintenance Service after one year of free maintenance service end. This is a money saving promotion for the Automated eBook Store Internet Business Owner to earn money from a small yearly business investment of $58 or $64 to maintain their eBook Store Internet Business.

    8. Website hosting service is needed to see the eBook Store Website on the Internet. eBook Store Owners will receive a free Membership to: Website Hosting and Advertising & Marketing Resource eBooks on a flash drive. Website Hosting is for hosting eBook Store Website and Website Maintenance. PLEASE NOTE: eBook Store Website can only be hosted on Website Hosting Service Account.

    9. eBook Store Owner has the option of keeping all Banners that are on the eBook Store Website or can request banners to be removed within two weeks of eBook Store Ownership at no cost. has the right to change any of the affiliate banners that are on the eBook Store Website. At the present time there are two affiliate banners on eBook Store Website and one of the banner is a advertising banner use personally or you can rent the ad space to another advertiser.

    10. If a eBook Store Owner request to remove any banner from their eBook Store Website the request will be honor at no cost within two weeks of eBook Store Ownership.

    11. We understand that this eBook Store Agreement represents the complete understanding and agreement of the parties and that there are no other agreements, either oral or written, between parties.

    12. Termination of eBook Store Agreement. We may terminate our eBook Store Agreement and eBook Store Internet Business at any time by notifying in writing at 3020-1 Prosperity Church Rd #260 Charlotte, North Carolina 28269. Our cancellation will be effective promptly upon the receipt of our cancellation notice. may terminate our eBook Store Agreement and eBook Store Internet Business at any time upon providing written notice to our business or organization if they have any reason to believe that we have not honored any part of this agreement or have been unethical in representing, eBook Store Business and eBook Store Agreement. Our business or organization hereby acknowledge this business agreement and the policies and procedures explained. Our business or organization have read them, understand and willingly accept the terms of this eBook Store Agreement by ORDERING A SEEKWAVE.COM EBOOK STORE INTERNET BUSINESS.