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  • Seekwave Assured Membership



    Seekwave Assured Membership is for the
    Person Interested in Owning a Business

    Let me introduce you to Seekwave Promotions and Seekwave Assured Membership. Seekwave Promotions is a digital Marketing Firm specializing in promoting Seekwave Assured Membership, Discount Card and Seekwave eBookstore Online Business. Seekwave Assured Membership comes with a free Seekwave eBookstore Online Business and free advertising information and videos on flash drive to help you advertise and promote Seekwave eBookstore Online Business. Seekwave Assured Membership offer many benefits. You will receive a Free Seekwave eBookstore online turnkey automated business to promote self-help and improvement eBooks and more from the eBookstore website. You can give-a-way Discount Cards. This benefit is free to Seekwave Assured Members.

    Do you know Successful people seem to have a certain attitude that enables them to achieve? They did not acquire this mindset after the achievements were made – they had to believe it was possible to begin with! You can develop this attitude, as well. When you see that it works, you’ll be happy to apply it to the next step, and the next and the next. Achievement is the best drug in the world, and it is legal to make it apart of your life!

    Persistence is a virtue shared by the successful people. Most people have it in them, but sometimes need a bridge to cross that will open a new horizon. People can be successful if they want to be!

    Self-Help & Improvement Motivational eBooks are to help people Feel Loved, Comforted, Reassured, In touch with their authentic self, more powerful in knowing their own truth, Secure in knowing their ego is not their true identify.

    Life can quickly go from steady and predictable to fast-paced and stressed in a matter of minutes. As our life evolves, so must we! Whether it is personal life or work life.

    Self-Help & Improvement Motivational eBooks is an important route to helping people deal with the stress of change and instead accept the natural life alterations ahead you deserve the best.

    Self-Help & Improvement Motivational eBooks is about helping people being true to themselves and thinking about what their main priorities in life should be. It is about learning new skills, knowledge and ways to help them get ahead personally and professionally. Many people invest in the stock market, but what exactly are they investing in?

    When you invest in Self-Help & Improvement Motivational eBooks you are also investing in the future of others and gain the confidence and inner strength required to take you to the peak of success and happiness. It is the only investment which will continually GROW – Guaranteed!

    You do not need to make physical contact with people whom order online eBooks from your Seekwave eBookstore Website. Seekwave eBookstore Online Business is a website Internet property you will be proud to own. Seekwave eBookstore Online Business is easily to operate. Seekwave Online eBookstore Website is fully automated meaning everything is self-contained and deliver eBooks orders automatically to people through digital download. All eBooks on Seekwave eBookstore Website are instantly downloaded for any amount of money you set using the eBookstore consumer price feature where you can offer discounts for eBooks purchase.

    Seekwave Online eBookstore Website have mostly Self-Help and Improvement eBooks. Most eBooks are listed for $1.89 – $2.89 each or with the discount code feature used people can make a payment as low as .25 cent each using your discount code. There are 142 eBooks on Seekwave eBookstore Website.

    Seekwave Assured Membership Member Business Manual explains how you can use the easy-to-follow procedure for adding a discount code to the eBookstore website at anytime.

    You do not need to package or shipped the eBooks when order. The eBookstore website delivers the eBooks to people automatically through digital download after a payment is made. All payments for eBooks sales goes directly to the member Account except the processing fee charges after the payment have been made.

    Seekwave Assured Member can add new eBooks to the eBookstore website at any time. Seekwave Business Manual explains the procedure for adding new eBooks to the website. Seekwave Promotions offers a service to add new eBooks to the website for Seekwave Assured Member.

    Seekwave Assured Member’s can manage their eBookstore online via the easy-to-use password web-based eBookstore Website Admin Area. The eBookstore Shopping Cart is linked to the member Account for online payment collection. The eBookstore Website Pages are optimized for online search engine ranking. If a reward member want to request an eBook be removed from their eBookstore website Seekwave Promotions will remove the eBook at no additional cost during the first 30 days of Seekwave Assured Membership.


    One of the most important things about Seekwave Assured Membership is Seekwave Promotions Manage Team can Manage and Operate the eBookstore online business for Seekwave Assured Member for six months at no additional member cost. This gives Seekwave Assured Member the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Seekwave eBookstore and how to successfully manage and operate the eBookstore. All money collected through the eBookstore website belongs to the member except their PayPal fee for sales made from the website.

    Managing Your eBookstore:

    • Daily Operations and Systems

    • Managing Inventory

    • Setting Your Prices, Discount and Accepting Payment

    • Marketing Tools

    • Attracting and Handling Customers



    Seekwave Assured Membership and Free Seekwave eBookstore Online Business Benefits

    • You do not need any special skills to earn additional income or operate the eBookstore

    • Seekwave Promotions provide you with a free turnkey Seekwave eBookstore Online Business and Website to earn you additional income

    • You can offer eBooks at discounts rates for your employees, customers, clients, members, and patients

    • You set your own eBookstore advertising and promotion hours

    • You can work from any location you feel is safe and comfortable

    • Seekwave Assured Members can receive free advertising information and videos to help them save money advertising their business

    • You can have great earnings potential

    • The freedom to work on your own terms and when you want

    • You will receive our easy-to-understand Seekwave Member Business Manual explaining how you can promote the eBookstore website

    • Seekwave Member Business Manual provides tips and techniques to create a successful income stream, and we are here to assist you

    • No inventory is needed so you will not need to worry about running out of eBooks to sell

    • No royalties

    • No overhead

    • Great profit margins

    • Recession proof

    • Enormous growth

    • Broad market appeal

    • Year-round sales and promotions

    Seekwave Assured Member can receive Free Sponsorship Internet Advertisement of an ad banner size 728 X 90 on their eBookstore website

    Seekwave Assured Members will receive Discount Cards to Give-A-Way. Seekwave Assured Member will receive 24 Discount Cards to give away a $360.00 value or can sell Discount Cards. Seekwave Member Business Manual provides information on this easy to use benefit. Visit Discount Card “Click Here”



    Seekwave Members can participation in Seekwave Affiliate Income Program to earn additional income from Internet referral sales of Discount Card and Seekwave Memberships from their eBookstore website.

    How Seekwave Member Affiliate Income Program Works and How Much Money You Can Earn from Internet Referral Sales

    Seekwave Member can earn the following Internet referral sales income:

    1 – Discount Card Internet referral sale @ $15.00 each earn Seekwave Members $3.00 for each Internet referral sale

    10 – Discount Cards @ $7.50 each = $75.00 will earn Seekwave Members $15.00 for each Internet referral sale

    20 – Discount Cards @ $7.50 each = $150.00 will earn Seekwave Members $30.00 for each Internet referral sale

    50 – Discount Cards @ $7.50 each = $375.00 will earn Seekwave Members $75.00 for each Internet referral sale

    100 – Discount Cards @ $7.50 each = $750.00 will earn Seekwave Members $150.00 for each Internet referral sale

    Seekwave Memberships @ $895.00 each will earn Seekwave Members $179.00 for each Internet referral sale made through their affiliate banner

    Visit: Discount Card “Click Here”

    There are three affiliate banners on each eBookstore website to help Seekwave Members earn additional income.

    You do not need to package or ship Discount Cards and Seekwave Memberships this is done for Seekwave Members by Seekwave Promotions. When people click on the affiliate banners on Seekwave eBookstore Online Business Website, they will be brought to Seekwave Promotions Website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate marketing software. Seekwave Members will earn additional income based on the Internet visitor making an Internet referral sale of Discount Cards and Seekwave Membership through the Seekwave Member’s Affiliate Banners on their Seekwave eBookstore Website.

    Seekwave Member Affiliate Banners Id Cookie Life Time is 14 days. Seekwave Members will be awarded for referral sales if the sale is made before the cookie life expires.

    Seekwave Members can earn money 24 – 7 – 365 for Internet Referral Sales and are paid thru the first Friday of each month.



    How Do I Get People To Seekwave eBookstore Website?

    Getting people to visit the eBookstore website can be easy! You can use Advertising & Marketing eBooks available free to Assured Members. We also ask Assured Members to use Social Media Websites. Seekwave Promotions has thought of ways to make Seekwave Assured Membership and Seekwave Online eBookstore successful. Seekwave Promotions provides information on how to advertise and promote the eBookstore website. provides a flash drive with advertising and marketing eBooks and videos included in Seekwave Assured Membership Package “Click Here For flash drive eBook List”

    It’s easy to promote Seekwave eBookstore Website Domain Name such as: Seekwave eBookstore No. 1210 @ No two Seekwave eBookstore Websites will have the same website online domain number. will provide Seekwave eBookstore Registration Domain Name & Number for all Seekwave eBookstore Business Websites.



    There is a link in this letter where you can visit a demo of Seekwave eBookstore Online Business Website like the one you can receive.

    You do not need to do the maintenance service on Seekwave eBookstore Website; this is done for eBookstore reward members by Seekwave Promotions.

    Seekwave Assured Membership is a great online asset property for you to offer valuable self-help and improvement eBooks for a discount of your choice.



    • Seekwave Assured Membership Package Includes:

    Seekwave Assured Member can receive Free Sponsorship Internet Advertisement of an ad banner size 728 X 90 on their eBookstore website

    • Seekwave Membership Agreement

    • Easy to understand and use Seekwave Member Business Manual on flash drive

    • Flash Drive with Seekwave Promotions Advertising and Marketing eBooks on it

    • Prospect Data Sheet to list people you know and meet on the flash drive

    • Goal Priority Work Sheet to record goals on the flash drive

    • One Seekwave Assured Member eBookstore Info Sheet on flash drive with your Seekwave eBookstore Registration Number and Website Address Information Printed on the Info Sheet. Seekwave eBookstore Info Sheet can help promote Seekwave Bookstore Website Offline. Seekwave eBookstore Info Sheets can be left at locations or place on free use public bulletin boards. We provide Seekwave Assured Members with information where they can get more Info Sheets printed at an affordable price

    Seekwave eBookstore Domain Name and Registration Number. Seekwave Promotions will register the eBookstore Domain Name for the member. The eBookstore register domain name will be good for twelve’s (12) months and can be renewed by the member for additional years @ $11 per year or the current renewal cost from the domain hosting company we use at the domain name renewal time

    One Seekwave eBookstore Website and Domain Name and registration number.

    Twelve’s (12) Months of free Seekwave eBookstore Website Hosting so the eBookstore can be seen on the online. After 12 months of free website hosting the member can pays $1.50 per month or $12 per year for eBookstore website hosting service when paid at one time

    View Demo of Seekwave eBookstore
    Website you can receive
    “Click Here”

    Please Read Seekwave
    Membership Agreement
    “Click Here”


    Seekwave Assured Member invest $11 a year to have a register Seekwave eBookstore Website Domain Name and eBookstore Registration Number, $12 – $18 a year after free website hosting service end and $36 a year for Seekwave eBookstore Website Maintenance Service after one year of free maintenance service ends. This is a money savings promotion for Seekwave Assured Member to earn money from a small yearly business investment of $59 to $65 to maintain their Seekwave eBookstore Online Business and receive free business online advertising per year on their eBookstore website.


    Seekwave Assured Member’s can earn income and help others 24 – 7 – 365 using Seekwave eBookstore Website. Seekwave believes this is a winning and rewarding business opportunity for Seekwave Assured Member to earn money from a small lifetime membership investment.

    Seekwave Promotions will setup the Seekwave eBookstore Website and Store Domain Name Registration Number in 48 – 72 hours. Seekwave Promotions will email the Seekwave Assured Member their website admin information and send Seekwave Assured Member Business Manual on flash drive thru the United States Postal Service after your Seekwave Assured Membership Package Investment is received.

    Order Seekwave Assured Membership Business Package by clicking the Buy Now button below. After your Seekwave Assured Membership Lifetime Member Investment is received you will be directed to our easy-to-follow online web page to start your Seekwave Assured Membership and Seekwave eBookstore Online Business. Seekwave Assured Membership for a lifetime is an investment of $895.00 meaning you only pay one time for Seekwave Assured Membership.

    Seekwave Assured Membership $895.00

    Please Note: Seekwave Assured Membership Sale Will Show As Seekwave Promotions on or your monthly institution financial statement.


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