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Seekwave Distributorship Business

If you’ve ever wanted to tap into a market where there’s plenty of room to earn money from helping people save money, Internet sales and making direct sales to consumers this is it. Seekwave Distributorship Business can help you. With millions of people wanting to save money purchasing products and services every day, a Seekwave Distributorship Business is a way to earn money with our awesome distributorship business. You will be helping consumers save money purchasing products and services, supporting families of those whom loss their lives to COVID-19. You will earn money from each Seekwave.com Savings Card you sell in person or using the Internet.

Why There’s A Huge Demand For Seekwave.com Savings Card? The benefits Seekwave.com Savings Card Offers.

Seekwave.com Savings Card Front (enlarge for viewing)

Seekwave.com Savings Card Back (enlarge for viewing)

Seekwave.com Savings Card Benefits Give Savings A New Meaning

• The average savings using Seekwave.com Savings Card is about 10% to 50%.

• You can receive ongoing money saving offers after offers and use after use with Seekwave.com Savings Card.

• Seekwave.com Savings Card is good for up to 24 months sometimes longer

• Seekwave.com Management Team adds new businesses to Seekwave.com website on a regular basis.

• Seekwave.com Savings Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card

• It’s easy to use; just show Seekwave.com Savings Card to the business merchant listed on Seekwave.com and the businesses on the back of the savings card

• Good for the community and environment

• Seekwave.com Savings Card can be used locally and nationwide

There are hundreds of thousands of consumers wanting to save money every day when purchasing restaurant food, products and services in their local area. Consumers always want to save money purchasing products and services and will use Seekwave.com Savings Card when available.

How Does Seekwave.com Distributorship Business Works?

Seekwave Distributors order Seekwave.com Savings Cards at wholesale cost to make direct sales to consumers. Distributor will receive a website to sell Seekwave.com Savings Card using the Internet. Seekwave.com Distributor Website means you do not have to sell anything in person. The choice is yours. The distributor website is an affiliate website for distributors to earn money from Internet sales.

You can market the website to people without a sales presentation to get them to visit your distributor website using your distributor info sheets. Seekwave Distributor’s Website do all of the selling for you. All you have to do is send people to your Seekwave Distributor Website.

You can earn money from promoting the distributor website URL or website domain name address. Seekwave distributorship includes a website domain name (URL address) for promoting the distributor website and ways to promote the website. We can provide distributors with the promotional tools and services to promote the website and their distributorship business. Most of our Internet promotional tools and services are free to Seekwave.com Distributors. Using Seekwave Distributorship Business is one of the easiest ways to earn money.

How Do I Get People To My Distributor Website?

Getting people to your distributor website can be easy! Use Seekwave.com Internet Marketing eBooks. Seekwave Promotions has thought of ways to help make the distributorship business a success for you. The distributor website explains the benefits of Seekwave.com Savings Card to consumers. Seekwave Distributorship Business is for people interested in earning money from a first or second income. You will have access to free advertising and marketing information. We can provide you with information on how to use the marketing and promotion information and even give you sample ads to use to sell Seekwave.com Savings Card. You can earn a great income with Seekwave Distributorship Business. Seekwave Promotions has done most of the work for you.

Promoting The Distributor Website Address (URL) domain.

It’s easy to promote the distributor website and begin earning Internet money. Each distributor website will have its own website domain name address. No two distributor websites will have the same website domain name address.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

Honestly. This is up to you. If you never sell your Seekwave.com Savings Cards directly to consumers or use the Internet to make sales you will not earn any money. If you use social media and place out your distributor info sheets to people you can earn money with Seekwave Distributorship Business.

Seekwave Distributors can earn $5.00 for each Seekwave.com Savings Card sold directly by the distributor. Seekwave Promotions shipped Seekwave.com Savings Cards to consumers for the distributor Internet Sales. Our suggested retail price for selling Seekwave.com Savings Card directly and using the Internet is $10. Seekwave.com Distributors can order as little as 5 Seekwave.com Savings Cards at a time for $25.

Seekwave Distributor’s will earn $3.00 for each Seekwave.com Savings Card they sell thru their affiliate distributor website using the Internet.

Seekwave Distributor Benefits

• You do not need any special skills to begin promoting the distributor website or making personal Seekwave.com Savings Card Sales
• Seekwave.com easy-to-understand distributor business manual provides tips, techniques, ways to sell Seekwave.com Savings Card and promote the distributor website and how to create a successful income stream, and we are here to assist you.
• On-going company support
• You determine your family/work/lifestyle balance
• You set your own hours
• You can work from home
• You have great earnings potential
• You can work independently
• You are your own boss or decision maker
• The opportunity to set your own goals
• The freedom to work on your own terms
• Very little inventory required
• Part or full time
• No royalties
• Very little overhead
• Excellent profit margins
• Recession proof
• Enormous growth
• Broad market appeal
• Year-round sales
• Great income

Seekwave Distributor Website can be ready for distributor to use in 24 – 48 hours after Seekwave Promotions receive your domain name. Distributor Info Sheet can help distributors make Internet sales by placing their info sheets on public free bill boards for consumers to see. This approach is good for offline marketing and used to drive consumers to the distributor website.

Seekwave Distributorship Business Package Includes

1 – Seekwave Distributor Agreement
1 – Easy to understand and follow Seekwave Distributor Business Manual
1 – Sample Distributor Info Sheet with your website information printed on it
1 – Seekwave.com Contact Prospect Sheet to list people you know and meet. The Contact Prospect Sheet is a great list builder for giving people your distributor info sheet
1 – Goal Priority Work Sheet to record your goals
1- Free website Domain Name of your choice up to a $9 value. Seekwave Promotions will register the domain name for the distributor. The domain name will be good for 12 months and can be renewed by distributor for additional years for $9 per year or the current renewal cost per year from the domain service for the selected domain name. Example of domain names: GreatLakeDistributors @www.GreatLakeDistributors.com or MoneySavingDiscountCards @www.MoneySavingDiscountCards.com these are just examples of how you can name your website, distributorship business and choose a domain name. Seekwave Promotions can help you select a domain name. We provide you with information for how to select a domain name.
1 – Seekwave Distributor Website
10 – Seekwave.com Savings Cards
12 – Months of website hosting service free with distributorship investment a $18 yearly value. Website hosting service is needed to see the distributor website on the Internet.

After 12 months of free website hosting service distributors can invest $1.50 per month or $12 per year when making one payment for website hosting service for a year.

Distributor invest $9 a year or the current domain registration cost to register their website domain name. Distributor invest $12 – $18 a year for website hosting service for the distributor website to be seen on the Internet after 1 year of free website hosting for the distributor website. Distributor invest $9 per year for maintenance and upgrading of their Seekwave.com Distributor Website. Seekwave.com believes these are good and rewarding business investments to help distributors maintain their distributorship business and earn money with a Seekwave Distributorship from making a small starting business income investment.

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Seekwave Promotions Cares…

A portion of each Seekwave.com Savings Card purchase is donated to support families of those whom loss their lives to COVID-19. Thank you in advance for your Seekwave Distributorship Investment & Support!

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To Get Started

To get started earning money with Seekwave Distributorship Business Package invest $95 and earn $100 from the distributorship starting inventory package. To order your Seekwave Distributor Business Package click the PayPal.com buy button below. After your distributorship business package investment is received you will be directed to our easy to follow Internet web page to get started. Seekwave Distributorship Business Package with 10 Seekwave.com Saving Cards and Hand Held Laminated Info Card or Counter Top Info will be shipped to you thru the United States Postal Service. Next Seekwave Promotion will setup your Seekwave Distributor Website. You can sell the 10 Seekwave.com Savings Cards and earn $100. This can make Seekwave Distributorship Business Package FREE and think about all the people you can help save money when they purchase products and services locally and nationwide.

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