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  • Seekwave Memorial Membership With Free eBookstore


    You can own a Turnkey Safe and Contact FREE Seekwave Automated Internet Business eBookstore. Meaning you do not need to make physical contact with people whom order eBooks from the website. Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business is Free with Seekwave Memorial Membership.

    Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business is a website property you will be proud to own.

    Seekwave eBookstore Website is fully automated meaning everything is self-contained and deliver eBooks orders automatically to people through digital download. All eBooks on the website are instantly downloaded for any amount of money you set using the eBookstore consumer discount feature.

    Seekwave eBookstore Website have mostly Self-Help and Improvement eBooks. Most eBooks are listed for $1.89 – $2.89 each or with the discount code added people can make a payment of .25 cent to $1.45 using the consumer discount code feature. There are 142 eBooks on the eBookstore business website.

    Seekwave eBookstore Business Manual explains how you can use the easy-to-follow procedure for adding a discount code to the eBookstore website.

    You do not need to package or shipped the eBooks when order. The eBookstore website delivers the eBooks to people automatically through digital download after a payment is made. All payments for eBooks sales goes directly to the eBookstore owner Account except the processing fee charges after the payment have been made.

    The eBookstore Owner can add new eBooks to the eBookstore Website. The eBookstore Business Manual explains the procedure for adding new eBooks to the website. offer a service to add new eBooks to the website for the owner.

    The eBookstore owner can manage their eBookstore online via the easy-to-use password web-based eBookstore Website Admin Area. The eBookstore Shopping Cart is linked to the eBookstore Owner Account for online payment collection. The eBookstore Website Pages are optimized for Internet search engine ranking. If an eBookstore owner want to request an eBook be removed from their eBookstore Website will remove the eBook at no additional cost during the first 30 days of the eBookstore ownership.

    Each Seekwave eBook Store Internet Business comes with a Free Built in Seekwave Memorial Page in Remembrance of a family member, friend or business associate whom has passed on. You can add a family member, friend or business associate to the memorial page of the website as a memorial commemorative tribute. Seekwave Memorial Membership was created to allow family and friends to share the wonderful memories of their loved ones in a way that honors and celebrates their memory.

    We realize through our own experience that the loss of a loved one or friend can be one of the most painful and challenging experiences in life. But over time, the countless good memories we treasure find a way to warm our hearts. Seekwave Memorial Membership provides a convenient way to share many of those memories, photos, and welcome the up-building expressions of commemorative tributes. Seekwave eBookstore Website is one of the best benefits of Seekwave Memorial Membership. Seekwave eBookstore Website allows the creation of a memorial plaque tribute that family and friends can conveniently visit and enjoy. This is a great way to celebrate the memory of those special people we want to honor.

    Owning a Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business is one of the easiest ways to earn money using the Internet.

    Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Website have an income earning business card advertising space on the eBookstore website.

    Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Owner can use the advertising space to earn additional income or for their business card advertising. The advertising spaces can be sold by Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Owner to an advertiser for $10 per month or $100 per year with a min use of six months of business card advertising. The advertising space can be removed from the Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Website at the request of the Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Owner.

    To add a new business card advertising to the eBookstore website there is a small cost for setup and placement on the eBookstore website. Seekwave eBookstore Business Manual explain how to use the business card advertising space promotion service and how to earn money promoting a business card on the eBookstore website.



    Benefits of owning a Seekwave eBookstore Business

    • You do not need any special skills to earn additional income

    • provide you with the turnkey Seekwave eBookstore Business Website to earn you additional income

    • Your business or organization set your own eBookstore advertising and promotion hours

    • Your business or organization can work from any location you feel is safe and comfortable

    • Your business or organization have great earnings potential

    • The freedom to work on your own terms

    • Your business or organization will receive our easy-to-understand Seekwave eBookstore Business Manual explaining how you can promote the Seekwave eBook Store Business Website

    • Seekwave eBookstore Business Manual provides tips and techniques to create a successful income stream, and we are here to assist you

    • No inventory is needed so you will not need to worry about running out of eBooks to sell

    • No royalties

    • No overhead

    • Great profit margins

    • Recession proof

    • Enormous growth

    • Broad market appeal

    • Year-round sales

    • Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business is free with Seekwave Memorial Membership



    Seekwave eBookstore Owners / Memorial Members can participation in Affiliate Program to earn additional income from Internet referral sales of Discount Card and Seekwave Memorial Membership from their eBookstore website.

    How Affiliate Program Works and How Much Money You Can Earn from Internet Referral Sales

    Seekwave memorial members will earn the following Internet referral sales income: $3 for each Discount Card Internet referral sale and $79 for each Seekwave Memorial Membership referral sale made thru the Seekwave Memorial Member’s eBookstore Affiliate Banners. There are two affiliate banners on each eBookstore website to help memorial members earn more income.

    You do not need to package or ship any of products and services; this is done for you by When people click on the affiliate banners on memorial members Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Website, they will be brought to Website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate marketing software. Seekwave Memorial Members will earn additional income based on the Internet visitor making an Internet referral sale of Products and Services through the Seekwave Memorial Member’s Affiliate Banners on the Seekwave Memorial Members eBookstore Website. Affiliate Banners Id Cookie Life Time is 14 days. Seekwave Memorial Members will be awarded for referral sales if the sale is made before the cookie life expires.

    Seekwave Memorial Members can earn money 24 – 7 – 365 for Internet Referral Sales and are paid thru the first Friday of each month.




    How Do I Get People To The eBookstore Website?

    Getting people to visit the eBookstore website can be easy! You can use Advertising & Marketing eBooks available free to eBookstore owners and use Social Media Websites. has thought of ways to make the eBookstore advertising promotion successful. provides information on how to advertise and promote the eBookstore website. provides a flash drive with advertising and marketing eBooks included in Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Package “Click Here For flash drive eBook List”

    It’s easy to promote Seekwave eBookstore Website Domain Name such as: Seekwave eBookstore No. 1210 @ No two Seekwave eBookstore Websites will have the same website Internet domain number. will provide Seekwave eBookstore Registration Domain Name & Number for all Seekwave eBookstore Business Websites.



    There is a link in this letter where you can visit a demo of Seekwave eBookstore Business Website like the one you will receive.

    You do not need to do the maintenance service on Seekwave eBookstore Website; this is done for eBookstore owners by

    Seekwave eBookstore is a great Internet asset property for you to offer valuable eBooks for a discount of your choice.



    Seekwave eBookstore Business Package Includes:

    1 – eBookstore Owner Agreement

    1 – Lifetime Memorial Membership Certificate suitable for framing

    1 – Easy to understand and use eBookstore Business Manual on flash drive

    1 – Flash Drive with Advertising and Marketing eBooks on it

    1 – Prospect Data Sheet to list people you know and meet on flash drive

    1 – Goal Priority Work Sheet to record your personal goals on flash drive

    1 – Seekwave eBookstore Info Sheet with your Seekwave eBookstore Registration Number and Website Address Information Printed on the Info Sheet. Seekwave eBookstore Info Sheet can help promote the Seekwave eBookstore Website offline. Seekwave eBookstore Info Sheets can be left at locations or place on free use public bulletin boards. We provide Seekwave eBookstore Owners with information where they can get more Info Sheets printed at an affordable price

    1 – Seekwave eBookstore Domain Name and Registration Number. will register the eBookstore Domain Name for the eBookstore owner. The eBookstore register domain name will be good for 12 months and can be renewed by the eBookstore owner for additional years @ $10 per year or the current renewal cost from the domain hosting company we use at domain name renewal time

    1 – Seekwave eBookstore Website and Domain Name and registration number.

    12 – Months of free eBookstore website hosting so the eBookstore can be seen on the Internet. After 12 months of free website hosting the eBookstore owner can pays $1.50 per month or $12 per year for website hosting service when paid at one time

    Demo of Seekwave eBookstore
    Website you will receive
    “Click Here”

    Seekwave eBookstore Business
    Owner Agreement
    “Click Here”



    Seekwave eBookstore Owners can earn income 24 – 7 – 365 using Seekwave eBookstore Website. Seekwave believes this is a winning and rewarding business for Seekwave eBookstore Owners from a small lifetime membership investment. will setup the Seekwave eBookstore Website and Store Domain Name Registration Number in 48 – 72 hours. will email the Seekwave eBookstore owner their website admin information and send Seekwave eBookstore Business Manual on flash drive thru the United States Postal Service after your Seekwave eBookstore Business Package Investment is received.

    Order Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business Package by clicking the Buy Now button below. After your Seekwave Lifetime Memorial Membership Investment is received you will be directed to our easy-to-follow Internet Web Page to start your Seekwave Memorial Membership and Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business. Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business is Free with Seekwave Memorial Membership. Seekwave eBookstore Internet Business was a $695 investment. For a limited time free with Seekwave Memorial Membership.

    Seekwave Memorial Membership
    Lifetime Investment is $395
    Receive a Free Seekwave Internet
    eBookstore Business with
    Seekwave Memorial Membership

    Please Note: Seekwave Memorial Membership Sale Will Show As Seekwave Promotions on or your monthly institution financial statement.

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