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    Promote your business or organization with Seekwave Advertising Membership and Seekwave Discount Card, a builder of appreciation for your customers, members and employees. Seekwave Discount Card can help people save money at 26 listed restaurants on Seekwave Discount Card. Your advertisement can be seen for many years using Seekwave Advertising Membership along with Seekwave Discount Cards.

    It’s essential to make complimentary appreciation recognition to your customers, members and employees. When you give Seekwave Discount Card to people to help them save money at 26 restaurants is a valuable promotion for your business or organization. Make Seekwave Discount Card part of your everyday business culture. But that doesn’t mean your customers, members and employees appreciation time should go unnoticed.

    Seekwave Discount Card can remind people how much your business or organization care every time they used Seekwave Discount Card. Helping people save money purchasing restaurant food is an awesome advertising promotion for your business or organization to offer.

    Seekwave Discount Card is an advertising promotion for all businesses and organizations. When you give a Seekwave Discount Card to help customers, members and employees save money purchasing food at 26 restaurants is a rewarding advertising promotion benefit for your business or organization to offer.

    Helping people save money purchasing restaurant food with Seekwave Discount Card is a great appreciation that people can remember each time they use the discount cardAdvertising.

    Most people wants to save money when purchasing restaurant food. Seekwave Discount Card will be there and ready to be used by people at any time. Your business or organization name and advertise promotion offer can be seen each time Seekwave Discount Card is used.

    Seekwave Discount Card is a great way to Keep your Business or Organization Name in Front of Seekwave Discount Card users and people whom view the discount card.

    Seekwave Discount Card Front Side (Enlarge for viewing)


    Seekwave Discount Card Back Side (Enlarge for viewing)


    Seekwave Discount Card Offers The Following Benefits:

    1. The average savings using Seekwave Discount Card is about 10% to 50%

    2. The user can receive ongoing money savings offer after offer and use after use

    3. Seekwave Discount Card have No Expiration Date

    4. Seekwave Discount Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card

    5. It’s easy to use; the user just show Seekwave Discount Card to the restaurant merchants listed to receive advertise discount offers

    6. Good for the community and environment

    7. Seekwave Discount Card can be used nationwide

    8. There are 26 restaurants listed on Seekwave Discount Card



    How Seekwave Advertising Membership and Seekwave Discount Card Give-A-Way Works

    Members can receive a free ad listing on Seekwave Business Directory to notify people that your business or organization have free Seekwave Discount Cards available to give a way. Seekwave Promotions will advertise Seekwave Business Directory and Free Seekwave Discount Cards available from members. Seekwave Advertising Members can reorder Seekwave Discount Cards at anytime.


    Getting Started

    It easy to become a Seekwave Advertising Member. To get started order Seekwave Discount Cards using the wholesale price list below. After your order is received, Seekwave Promotions will rush your printed Seekwave Discount Cards to your business or organization. To include your advertise promotion offer on Seekwave Discount Cards you will be redirected to Seekwave Discount Card Apply Online Information Form for your information to be printed on your Seekwave Discount Cards after your paid membership investment.


    250 – Seekwave Discount Cards @ $2.50 each = $650.00

    500 – Seekwave Discount Cards @ $2.00 each = $1,000.00

    1,000 – Seekwave Discount Cards @ $1.50 each = $1,500.00

    Seekwave Discount Card is a valuable advertising promotion to save your business or organization advertising dollars and keep your business or organization name in front of people. Your advertise promotion on Seekwave Discount Card can last many years. For order over 1,500 Seekwave Discount Cards please send an email for prices.

    Seekwave Discount Cards are Shipped Free of Charge

    Please Note: Seekwave Discount Card sales will Show as Seekwave Promotions on or your monthly institution financial statement.

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