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  and Community Businesses & Organizations support Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Health Care Workers by donating free Discount Cards to them. For each Discount Card purchase at retail or wholesale one is donated to a Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Health Care Workers. We appreciate your support in helping Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Health Care Workers receive free Discount Cards. When you invest in a Distributorship you can receive many benefits.

    If you’ve ever wanted to tap into a market where there’s plenty of room to earn money online this is it. Distributorship Opportunity can help you earn money. With millions of people wanting to save money purchasing restaurant food every day, a Distributorship Business is a way to earn money with our awesome distributorship opportunity. You will be helping consumers save money purchasing restaurant food and of course you will earn money from each Discount Card you sell. Discount Card help people save money when making purchases at listed restaurants on the back of the discount card. Discount Card Front (enlarge for viewing) Discount Card Back (enlarge for viewing) Discount Card Benefits

    • The average savings using Discount Card is about 10% to 50%.

    • You can receive ongoing money savings offer after offer and use after use with Discount Card

    • Discount Card is good for 12 months or more Discount Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card

    • It’s easy to use; just show Discount Card to the business merchant listed on the back of the discount card

    Good for the community and environment Discount Card can be used nationwide



    How Distributorship Opportunity Works? Distributors order Discount Cards at wholesale cost to make personal sales to consumers.

    How Much Money Can I Earn?

    Honestly. This is up to you. If you never sell your Discount Cards you will not earn any money. Distributor Benefits

    • You do not need any special skills to begin making personal sales

    • You determine your family/work/lifestyle balance

    • You set your own hours

    • You can work from home

    • You have great earnings potential

    • You can work independently

    • You are your own boss

    • The opportunity to set your own goals

    • The freedom to work on your own terms

    • Very little inventory required

    • Part or full time

    • No royalties

    • Very little overhead

    • Excellent profit margins

    • Recession proof

    • Enormous growth

    • Broad market appeal

    • Year-round sales

    • Great income

  Distributorship Opportunity Package Includes

    1 – Distributor Agreement

    1 – Easy to understand and follow Distributor Manual

    1 – Distributor Hand held laminated presentation display to introduce Discount Card to people

    10 – Discount Cards to earn distributor up to $100

    10 – Discount Cards to donate to Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Health Care Workers a $100 value

    Please read Distributor Agreement Click Here


    Special Distributorship Offer

    You will receive 20 Discount Cards with Distributor Opportunity Package Investment. You can sell 10 Discount Cards and earn up to $100. Earning $100 can make Distributor Opportunity Package Investment very little money to get started.

    To get started earning money with Distributor Opportunity Package invest $50. To order your Distributor Opportunity Package Click The Buy Now Button Below. After your Seekwave Distributor Opportunity Package Investment is received you will be directed to our easy to follow Internet web page to get started. You will receive 20 Discount Cards, Distributor Business Manual, Distributor Hand held laminated presentation display for selling Discount Card to people Individuals ordering Distributor Opportunity Package must be 18 years of age or older to become a Distributor or has your parents or guardian consent to become a Distributor.

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    Distributorship Opportunity Package for $50

    10 – Discount Cards @ 5.00 Each Wholesale = $50.00 and receive 10 free Discount Cards to donate for a total of 20 Discount Cards. Distributors can order additional Discount Cards at wholesale prices for future retail personal sales “CLICK HERE”


    Please Note: Distributorship Opportunity Package Investment Will Show As: Seekwave Promotions Inc” On or Your Monthly Statement.


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