Monday, September 25, 2023

  • Win A Seekwave Distributorship Business


    Thank You In Advance Seekwave
    Promotions Youths…

    You Can Help First Responders
    And Health Care Workers receive
    Free Discount Cards


    Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurship is for young adults learning how to sell and earn a income with Discount Card directly to consumers and using the Internet. Young people from all types of backgrounds can become an Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneur and a youth can win a Seekwave Distributorship Business thru our contest promotion.

    Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs can win a Seekwave Distributorship Business for selling Discount Card.

    We can help youths with advertising and marketing resources to maximize their entrepreneurial potential to help them succeed in today’s competitive business market. Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs have drawings monthly for people to win a Seekwave Distributorship Business. Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs help people save money purchasing restaurant food using Discount Card.

    Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs sells Discount Cards for the suggested retail price of $15.00 each in person and earn a referral commission for Internet sales. Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs purchase Discount Cards at wholesale prices for resell. It easy for Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs to earn money with Discount Card. Seekwave Promotions Youth Entrepreneurs just let people see Discount Card and Discount Card Hand Held Display.

  Discount Card makes a great Gift and Income Builder for Seekwave Promotions Distributors. It is easy to introduce Discount Card to people.

    If you’ve ever wanted to tap into a market where there’s plenty of room to earn money this is it a Seekwave Promotions Affiliate Distributor Program. You can earn up to $7.50 from each Discount Card you sell.


    Seekwave Distributorship is for Giving Free Discount Cards to First Responders and Health Care Workers and earning Seekwave Distributors income. People from all walks of life can become a Seekwave Distributor and help people save money purchasing restaurant food.

    For each Discount Card purchase at our suggested retail price of $15 a free Discount Card is given to a First Responder or Health Care Worker.

    Businesses and organizations can advertise free on the Affiliate Website they receive with Seekwave Distributorship Package.

    Seekwave Distributors can help millions of people save money purchasing restaurant food every day and earn money.

    < Discount Card Front Side (Enlarge for viewing)

  Discount Card Back Side (Enlarge for viewing)

  Discount Card Benefits 

    1. The average savings using Discount Card is about 10% to 50%.

    2. You can receive ongoing money savings offer after offer and use after use with Discount Card

    3. Discount Card is good for 24 months or longer (December 31, 2025)

    4. Discount Card is plastic and the size of a credit or bank card

    5. It’s easy to use; just show Discount Card to business merchants

    6. Good for the community and environment

    7. Discount Card can be used nationwide

    8. Discount Card can pay for itself after a few uses Discount Card is good till December 31, 2025


    Seekwave Distributor Benefits

    • Seekwave Distributor easy-to-understand business information provides tips, techniques and ways to sell Discount Card Online.

    • On-going company support

    • You determine your family/work/lifestyle balance

    • You set your own hours

    • You can work from home

    • You have great online earnings potential

    • You can work independently

    • The opportunity to set your own goals

    • The freedom to work on your own terms

    • Very little inventory required

    • No royalties

    • Very little overhead

    • Excellent profit margins

    • Recession proof

    • Enormous growth

    • Broad market appeal

    • Year-round sales

    • Great income



    Seekwave Distributors can participation in Seekwave Distributorship Affiliate Program to earn additional income from Internet referral sales of Products and Services.

    How Affiliate Program Works and How Much Money You Can Earn from Internet Referral Sales

    Seekwave Distributors will earn the following Internet referral sales income: $3 for each Discount Card Internet referral sale

    You do not need to package or ship any of Discount Card ; this is done for you by Seekwave Promotions. When people click on the affiliate banners on Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website, they will be brought to Seekwave Promotions Website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate marketing software. Seekwave Distributors will earn additional income based on the Internet visitor making an Internet referral sale of Discount Card through the Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Banner on the Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website.

    Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Banners Id Cookie Life Time is 14 days. Seekwave Distributors will be awarded for referral sales if the sale is made before the cookie life expires.

    Seekwave Distributors can earn money 24 – 7 – 365 for Internet Referral Sales and are paid thru the first Friday of each month for Internet Referral Sales.



    How to Get People To Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website?

    Getting people to visit your Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website can be easy! Seekwave Distributors can use Seekwave Promotions Advertising & Marketing eBooks available free to Seekwave Distributors on a flash drive included in Seekwave Distributorship Package “Click Here For flash drive eBook List”

    It’s easy to promote Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website Domain Name & Number such as: @ each Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website will be in our network of Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Websites. No two Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website’s will have the same website registration and Internet domain number. Seekwave Promotions will provide Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website Domain Number.



    Seekwave Distributorship Package Includes

    1 – Seekwave Distributor Agreement

    1 – Easy to understand and follow Seekwave Sponsor Business Information and Business Card Advertising Service

    1 – Seekwave Distributor hand held or counter top laminated presentation display to introduce Discount Card to prospects for sponsors who want to sell their Discount Cards

    1 – Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website Promotion Brochure

    10 – Discount Cards to sell included in Seekwave Distributorship Package. You can sell the 10 Discount Cards and earn up to $150.

    Advertising Promotion for your Business or Organization sponsor: Seekwave Promotions will donate four Discount Cards to a First Responder or Health Care Worker in your business or organization name for every 10 Discount Cards purchase by your business or organization.

    1 – Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website a $150 Value

    Visit Demo of Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website you will receive “Click Here”

    Please read Seekwave Distributor Agreement Click Here


    Seekwave Distributorship Package over $500 value now available for $159 for a limited time you will receive:

    10 – Discount Cards to sell a $150.00 Value

    1 – Seekwave Distributor Affiliate Website a $225 Value

    1 – Seekwave Distributor hand held or counter top laminated presentation displays a $15 Value


  believes this is a winning and rewarding business opportunity for Seekwave Distributor to win and earn money.

    Seekwave Distributorship Package was a $390.00 investment. FREE to Winning Seekwave Distributors

    Seekwave Distributors can order Discount Cards at wholesale prices for retail sales “CLICK HERE”